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One Life To Live (ABC- TV)

Original Music

Producer:Paul Rauch

Another World (NBC-TV)

Ongoing love theme "WHEN"

Producer:Paul Rauch

The Guiding Light (CBS-TV)

Ongoing Character Theme

Producer:Paul Rauch

Song:"Chant of Change"


Our Kids and the Best of Everything (ABC-TV)

Emmy Award Nomination (NETWORK SPECIAL)

Original Songs

Producer:Michael Krauss

Alan Thicke/Joan Lunden


The Stoolie (FILM)

Theme Song: "My Little Man"

Director:John G.Avildsen ("Rocky")

Producer:Fred Caruso ("The Godfather")


Ann Anello - America

Liberty Weekend - Centennial Celebration

Statue of Liberty
Executive Producer:Robert A.Israel
Recorded at A&R Studios with full symphony orchestra and chorus under the direction of orchestrator/conductor Gary Anderson.
Video Produced by ABC Producer Roger Goodman in association with ABC-TV.

Performed by Ann Anello

"Thank You, Mr. Sedaka"
A Tribute to Neil Sedaka (2014)
Performed by: Ann Anello at the Hardrock Hotel & Casino
Written by: Ann Anello, Mitch Kerper & David Friedman

A Tribute to Connie Francis (2010)
Performed by: Ann Anello at the Hardrock Hotel & Casino
Written by: Ann Anello and Mitch Kerper

Indefensible: The Truth About Edward Brannigan

CBS-TV World Premier Movie

Brian Dennehy/Lynn Redgrave

Hittin' Home (TV Pilot)

Theme Song

Producer:Michael Krauss

Chuck Woolery/Nancy Glass

Score Productions, Inc. Television Projects
Character Themes source material, etc.

The Price Is Right ('92 Update) (CBS)

Body Language (CBS)

Loving (CBS)

New Love American Style (Original Songs) (ABC)

Rituals (Syndication/Telepictures)

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures (Original Songs) (CBS)

General Hospital (ABC)






Member of Broadcast Music Inc. / Member of Songwriter's Hall of Fame / President of PBAM Music Company


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